It’s funny how everyone “knows” that they “know” Who and What God is and yet there is so much pain in the world.
He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him.” – John 1:10
This spiritually destitute beggar didn’t and still doesn’t absolutely recognize Him and I am not afraid to say I never will this side of Heaven And that’s ok. But what this spiritual pauper has been Blessed to see is a Healing Path of growth in an understanding that I never learned from religion and this path for me Is The Grace Light.
I cannot and dare not try to tell you of wrongness in the light you see but I can and will to my last exhale here I pray be sharing The Grace Light as it has healed me thus far and The Journey that this has continues to be for me. The Healing Path of The Grace Light for me centers around – basic understandings:
1) All the work for my Righteousness or Right standing before God was Finished on the cross. There is nothing more I need to do or say, only Believe that it was all completed.
2) Everything I go through, Every person I meet, Every moment in my life are all from God. They all passed through His permissive and all-knowing will And He knows what is best to heal me Here and Now.
3) God has No expectations on me! He wants only to have a Love based relationship with me and to prove that He sent His Son to suffer and die to show that ALL my punishment and pain was paid for – just let it go to Him.
4) GOD IS LOVE! The deeper my understanding, acceptance of and realization of this statement the Better my life becomes! This is the key point to grow in throughout life With the understanding that His Love IS Perfect Love and I will never be fully able to understand that and that is OK because FAITH Alone creates this path!


5) Because GOD IS LOVE – growing in Him Is Growing in Love for All, judgement of none and Being His beacon of Hope, Peace and Love as we grow Here and Now!
I hope this helped and continues to help you as I am growing in this understanding daily and it is of Great help to me. If you would like to see the scriptural references to this and open yourself up to this idea the next step I suggest is the link below:

Let The Journey Begin!