There is a spiritually destitute begger in all of us. The challenge is most never meet their begger and as a result the soul remains homeless.


In Him was Life, and that Life was The Light of All mankind.” – John 1:4


When I came out of religion there was a sense of religious panic that was only healed but Life that I never knew before. Life that is The Light is based of Faith in an unseen Goodness and Love.


The Light is Not positive thinking or taking lemons and making lemonade. Instead The Light is about Faith that everything has been Finished to make each of us wHOLeY as He is Holy. At the same time as I understand the groundedness of The wHOLeYness based on Him, I also wrestle with barriers to Loving like He Loves.


Each one of us have areas of dim bulbs in our ability to Love like He Loves and that is a Great thing.


Why? How?


This will be a matter covered in depth in a new devotional on called, “Grace Light” – I hope you will check it out.