The most dangerous part of Jesus was and is His simplification of The Divine.


The real Freedom that God provides through Christ starts with the simplified connectivity created through the blood of Christ! This is the crux of Grace, the starting point of All real Freedom and the reason for this whole crazy, Unconditional and Eternal Love plan of God! The beauty and Amazingness of God starts with His Relentless, Burning, Unearthly and Unexplainable Love for You just as You are Not as you should be! In fact to the extent that you can and will meditate on the following phrases, you will be able to gain tremendous rest and Peace in your life:


I serve The God of No expectations – Just Believe!


I Am Loved Beyond what I can imagine by The God of No expectations – Just Believe!


I have nothing to “bring to the table” or offer The God of No expectations – Just Believe!


The God I serve is Not a self improvement plan, HE IS THE self acceptance plan – Just Believe!


The God I serve IS LOVE, as such, growing in the knowledge of Him creates LOVE in me, for me and others that is humanly impossible, Unconditional, Eternal and Completely Impossible to be separated from – Just Believe!


Grace is…..

God simplified
God Is Love!

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