Do you know His Love?

The enemy boasted, ‘I will pursue, I will overtake them. I will divide the spoils; I will gorge myself on them. I will draw my sword and my hand will destroy them.’ But you blew with your breath, and the sea covered them. They sank like lead in the mighty waters.” – Exodus 15:9-10

You are Incredibly Valuable and So Very Precious to God – Just as you are!

One spiritual Law that Grace-full are constantly growing in and being made aware of is this – GOD LOVES ME!

The value of this lesson must Never be taken lightly or trivialized to some sentimental bumper sticker that makes the car having it holier than the car without it! To do Anything other than ingest this, chew on this, meditate on this and Never see an end or a hiccup to this Amazing Love would be to cheapen God to the level of a compartment of my life like a prison cell – it would be making God Himself in my image! To lessen the importance the value of these 3 simple words is to call God a liar, the Bible a myth and to lose any reason for Hope, Peace and self-acceptance!

How is this lesson cheapened by organized religion?

1)    God’s Love is said to be selective – I have actually heard some spiritually challenged individuals who fill pulpits say the most idiotic things like, “God loves good girls and boys!” – really? Did you think about this one before you said it? NO ONE is good! John 3:16 – in case you missed it He Loved the world!


2)   God’s Love has strings attached – Love with strings is not love at all – its prostitution! True Praise and True Worship does come from puppets – it comes from Thankful hearts that have been set Free from expectations and are now at Peace with who they are, how they were made and see the moments in their life as blessed gifts from God Who Is Love!


3)   God’s Love can only be as I understand it to be – Do I understand God’s Love completely? LOL! NO! But I do know this many and in fact most Christians follow a god that is impotent against the devil instead of the other way around! Why do I say this? Because most Christians level sin – a murderer is obviously worse than a divorcee because I am a divorcee but I haven’t murdered anyone! Have you ever considered how ego centric, pompous and pride based this is?

When you get out from under the burden of the law – that the cross of Jesus got you out from under – realizations begin to grow! Those realizations don’t make you necessarily drink less or curse less – what they create is a genuine Love as an understanding of the depth of His Love and Mercy and Grace grow – Not to the point of full understanding – that will never happen on this side of heaven – but they grow on a continuum and continue to grow to light the path for a Relationship based solely on indescribable, incomparable Love beyond All human understanding because and with The God Who Is Love!

God's Love?