The Goodness of God is limited only by those who refuse to see it! That Goodness Never leaves, changes or weakens – only our ability to grasp it, live in its light and understand that the Free Gift completes its work in us changes, strengthens and grows into a Rock Solid Peace!

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” Psalm 23:6

Shortly after the big Christmas day Tsunami of 2005 I was blessed to be in Thailand working with an NGO to do what we could to help heal others. One night a drunken American man stumbled into me and began to tell me how he hated God. He was a long term resident of Thailand, a minister of a small congregation and he had lost everything – his wife, the small hotel they ran together and most importantly his Faith in the Goodness of God.

Why do I say that His Faith was the most important thing He lost? Because once that is lost the road map to Love is lost. What I mean by this is that from knowing God Is Love and God Is Good All The Time – after the mourning we can return to an equilibrium of Peace that surpasses All human understanding!

This type of belief in God is NOT possible under religion – only Grace can do this – here is why:

1.Religion says God still punishes those who Believe in Him – Grace says all our punishments were laid on Him!

2. Religion says you must have done something wrong – Grace says The One Who makes you All Righteous before God is within you – chill out!

3. Religion says you have to do more, you haven’t done enough – Grace says “It Is Finished” you are complete 100% because of Him Who Is In you!

Paul talked about a brother who stumbles and the fellow believers bringing him back gently – Yes there are times when I will lose focus on Love – and the Great thing about the family of Grace worldwide is that they have the goodness and ability to say – “Are you ok?” – this is not a sin! It is a time of education for me and for those who go through it, understand the Goodness of God and Rest in it!

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