How would it radically change and alter your life for the better if you lived in the moment to moment awareness of Gods Goodness so that Every single second, event and person you will come in contact with Was and Is put there because God Loves you with a Love beyond your ability to comprehend?


But you, LORD, sit enthroned forever; your renown endures through all generations. You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come.” Psalm 102:12-13


The very nanosecond that you are looking at each individual letter in each word here was, is and has been known about by God since before the creation of the world!


Big statement – Yes! Ridiculous statement – ABSOLUTLY NOT!


Why? Because when you begin to expand your awareness as to the size, Power and Presence of All Mighty God Who Is Love and Loves you beyond your ability to grasp or understand – Your Life will take a turn for the AMAZING!


This is Grace! This is the expansion of Him, the decrease of you and the Empowerment of The Almighty God in your life like you never thought possible – So Wake up to the idea of Who He Really Is and His Goodness becomes a moment to moment Blessing beyond any you have ever conceived!


Imagine if you will the beauty of standing and waiting and Knowing that God has you waiting – in the time you wait you can wait patiently and in that patient wait you smile at the person waiting beside you – you didn’t know that at that moment they were contemplating suicide and that your smile reassured them someone in their crummy toilet bowl of a world called personal Hell really does care!


When you see God in Everything and Everyone – you have the mind of Christ! This mind was not and is not a moralistic mind of legalistic purity but rather it was, Is and Always will be a mind set on Compassion, hurt and Love for the one in need. So sensitive was His mind tuned to others pain that just the touch of the hem of His garment wrestled His soul to action as a needy person was near! So in tune was He to the desperate plight of the hated that He could sense a man in a tree just hoping to see this Amazing man of Compassion and Love!


BE in Him Here and Now by seeing God’s “time to show favor” started with Christ for you and me – and this day as you start to see God in every moment – His Compassion will begin to flow like a never ending stream of Love for All you meet because God has sent them to you!


Here is a simple meditation to begin to broaden your ability to see The God Who Is Love and In All moments of your life be it big or small:


Breathe in and say:

Abba let me


Breathe out and say:

see You in All


Practice this for a few days and be open to what you see, the Peace that seeing His Goodness as this big provides and the Compassion it opens you up to!

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