Are you in God’s garage?


We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.” – 1Timothy 1:8


Love is an attribute of God but law is something He owns – there is a huge difference in how I relate to someone and how I relate to their property.


God has tools in His garage probably much like you do in yours but those tools don’t have much to do with my relationship to Him. You can stay in His garage all you want, you can look around, try out His tools and play with all His stuff but until you know His Love – do you really know Him?


If you were to walk into my garage or storage space you could make guesses about who I am, you could dance around ideas in your head all day long and into eternity but would you really know me before coming to my table and sharing a meal with me?


Yes the law is good IF one uses it properly and its proper use is to allow us to meet the One who owns it – God and “God Is Love!”


Love is the central characteristic and attribute of God! Don’t believe me – read the Bible!


Did Jesus have to die on the cross? NO- Love kept Him up there! Did God have to save the children of Israel from slavery? NO- Love caused God to not see them enslaved even one more day!


The list of the evidence of God’s Love is all around you- just look at nature. Sunsets, dolphins, oceans, the moon, the desert, snow, trees – all these things He created – why? Because He is madly, deeply, crazy in LOVE with each and every one of us and He sent His only Son to prove it!


God has created laws yes absolutely and for the same reason He created nature – to draw you to His Love. Love is the single biggest element and character trait of who God is – if you miss the idea that God Is Love – you miss God altogether!


God’s law is good but God’s law is in His tool chest in the garage and God desperately wants you to accept His invitation to come into His kitchen for a meal and then sit in His living room and relax and have a relationship with Him. A relationship is not based on “dos” and “donts” but rather based on His Great, Relentless and Devine LOVE for You!


The center point key character of who God is can be summed up in one word - LOVE!

The center point key character of who God is can be summed up in one word – LOVE!