Who is The One that you call God?

If God Is indeed God doesn’t that mean He is All Powerful?

Could your current situation be out of His control or is there a lesson in Here and Now?

He made the earth by his power; he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his understanding.” Jeremiah 51:15

Most Christians like to say that God is All Powerful and yet they don’t Really get the fullness and reality of that power for a very simple reason – they are still under the law!

As long as you are under the law – you are NOT under Grace! Without Grace – the essential element of God’s power – your view of God and Love will always be skewed at best!

Is that a progressive realization? Yes for most people it is and processing through many things like anger, old legal anchors and judgmental thinking among other things will consistently cause sticking points and slumps back into guilt and shame!

But in this devotional I want to focus on His Power by asking you a couple of questions:

1)    Do you really think that The God Who created All the earth and All the Heavens and is the Author of All wisdom – do you really think that He didn’t know exactly where you would be at in this exact moment?


2)   Do you really think that The God of All creation who created you in His image, sent His Only Son just to die for you even though you were His enemy – do you Really think that The God of All this Love, The God Who Is Love, Whose very nature IS LOVE – do you really think He didn’t plan out this exact moment right where you are just for you?

The legalist will always neuter God because the legalist puts boundaries on God, God’s Love and therefore on the ability of God to work.

If I were to make this into a simple mathematical equation it would be this – More law = less Grace = less Power you give God in your life!

If you believe God Is All Powerful then at the very moment you accepted Him Everything changed! The law – changed! Your position with Him – changed! All things became New and Now Nothing can separate you from His Peace, Love and Power – but that doesn’t mean you realize that automatically – that is how Faith grows!

Here is a meditation that I use and when I first started growing in Grace I used this much more often than I do now. Practice this whenever you have a chance or need a reminder.

Breathe in and say:

Abba has me

Breathe out and say:

Here and Now

This simple meditation has brought me great peace in every place from bunkers during mortar and rocket attacks to crazy crowded and claustrophobic moments where death passed before my eyes.


Is God All powerful?