God wants you happy – (Day 7)

What set this Jesus apart?

What was different about this homeless man from Galilee?

Please read Matthew 5:44-45

Vs. 44 “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”

Jesus radically changed the playing field and basically turned it upside down from what it was and what it needs to be today. Prior to His coming there were other messiahs, in fact many others who claimed to be sent from God and be the Messiah. Most of them came with swords which is exactly what the crowds wanted.

But Jesus came with Love! Jesus came not to condemn and to get everyone to follow the law that they already had – He came to seek and to save that which was lost which was All mankind at that point. We were and are lost in a jungle of un-forgiveness and self hate without Him!

How did He do this? How did He implement this change and what does that have to do with your happiness right here and now?

The change was, is and always will be a Love that we can’t comprehend given to us who don’t deserve by The God who just wants a relationship with you!

If you need to take some time to really meditate on that statement above feel free to do so – let it soak in.

So in being happy now we have seen we need to know who God is – The Provider of our needs; understand the moment is perfect as is; find the lesson in the moment; meditate on His Loving-kindness for ourselves and ones we Love and those we don’t really know; and today we look at taking that meditation to those we don’t really like – in fact when I think of these people for me they bring up bad feelings – that’s how I know I need to meditate for them.

Following the same direction that you did for “God wants you happy day 4” we want to use the same meditation but say it for an enemy. Think of the person for whom you have nothing but disgust, they have wronged you and even if you make a public show of forgiving them, still the thought of them causes bad memories, bad feelings or indigestion. Once you have this person in mind:

Breathe in and say:

God Is Love

Breathe out and say:

God Loves (name)!

Breathe in and say:

You are (name) Fortress

Breathe out and say:

May (name) be safe

Breathe in and say:

You are (name) Peace

Breathe out and say:

May (name) be at Peace

Breathe in and say:

You are (name) Provider

Breathe out and say:

May All (name) needs are met

Breathe in and say:

Your yoke is Easy

Breathe out and say:

May (name) have Ease in their life

Continue this practice combining all the meditations together like this. Meditate for yourself for a few minutes, then someone you love for a few minutes, then someone you don’t really know for a few minutes and then your enemy for a few minutes.

Tomorrow we will look at the common thread that ties all this together – don’t miss it!


Jesus was not a moralistic policeman - He was a nonjudgmental and non-condemning Love to ALL!

Jesus was not a moralistic policeman – He was a nonjudgmental and non-condemning Love to ALL!

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