Most of the time when I see a person getting slapped in the face by life, I know with 100% certainty its God trying to say, “Wake up and see your righteousness, WAKE UP and see the cross and what it did for you!” The other times I can see God being glorified by the way the person is suffering!

How great is God—beyond our understanding! The number of his years is past finding out.” – Job 36:26

The above statement was made by a young man, wise beyond his years as Job tried to justify himself and Job’s three friends tried to give stupid comfort to Job – why stupid comfort – because it was based on god and Not GOD!

There are two voices in your head. Your life will be determined by which one you listen to. See which one sounds the most familiar and then perhaps you will get why things are the way they are in your life:

“DO More”, “You are Not good enough”, “god helps those who help themselves”, “You messed up”, “Those people aren’t like you”, “Just a little bit more”, “Want a taste? Then do what I tell you”, “The future is scary”, “You are Not ready”, “You are a terrible person”, “Take refuge and find your peace in doing”, “If you were _________ life would be better”, “If you work harder you can help more, do more, be a better person, father or Christian”, “There are levels of people based on their works and types of sins”, “If you want ______________ then DO MORE, Work Harder”, “You screwed up that conversation, moment or life of another person”, “You will never be good enough, measure up or amount to anything”, “Peace, hope and rest comes at a price – pay it first!” – All these are said by little god!

“I Love you more than you can imagine and more than you love yourself!”,“Come to me if you are weary, I will give you rest”, “I sent my Son to show you how much I Love you, He finished the job, Believe in Him and you are Righteous”, “You are my friend”, “I LOVE you!”, “All your past is Forgiven, Your future is assured, let’s just live and enjoy Here and Now!” “My Peace I give to you, Not peace as the world gives but Peace that passes All understanding!”, “I Love you as you are, Not as you should be, I Loved you when you were my enemy enough to send my Son to die for you!”, “Rest in His Finished work”, “He made you complete and now let’s just share this journey of Life Abundant together!”, “I AM bigger, stronger and More than enough – Trust in Me Alone!” – THE GOD of THE UNIVERSE said this!

god or God?