On a dark and stormy night in a Dallas psychiatric hospital someone came to share insanity with me and I have been insane ever since! For Love like this and a journey of Grace makes No human sense whatsoever and I Praise God for that in every breath! See the link below to share this Grace-Full insanity!

Tell the Israelites to turn back and encamp near Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea. They are to encamp by the sea, directly opposite Baal Zephon. Pharaoh will think, ‘The Israelites are wandering around the land in confusion, hemmed in by the desert.’” – Exodus 14:2-3

Our insanity is Gods whisper, “Trust in Me!”

What makes No human common sense is often God just saying, “I Love You, you are the apple of My eye, let me show you!”

The Israelites were in the clear, just keep moving forward, leave the past and the worries and keep moving forward – right? Wrong!

God’s plans seldom have squat to do with ours and almost never have any human logic to them. Why is that? Because Trust is built over time and is proven in the darkest moments of history!

In the location the children of Israel were told to move into they would be hemmed in on all sides except the rear with nothing but an impassable water obstacle in front – that was God’s way of saying, “Get ready, I want to show you how strong and capable I AM and how much I Love You!”

What about your impassable water obstacle? Maybe yours is what leads you to go rest in His arms for eternity. Maybe it’s tied in with other people and problems and all kinds of turmoil. Remember this, the greater the challenge, the bigger the miracle so stand and see the deliverance of God!

The God I serve IS THE GOD and what humans call insane He calls a Blessing! What we think of as crazy He thinks is a Great opportunity for Him to show you just how much He cares!

If the God you serve is Not The God of Love beyond your wildest imagination or if you care to really dig into the idea that God might be bigger than you think – you might start by answering a few questions and then looking at them in the light of scripture which can be done at this link:



God of insanity!