In 3 simple questions I can tell you why spiritual victory and Peace that passes all understanding are Not in your life: Who is The One you call God? Who are you “in Him”? How does He operate?

In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling.” – Exodus 15:13

There is a journey that the children of Israel made and each of us that believe in Him makes a journey, but the sad fact is most die in the desert!

Most on this journey die in the desert, not from lack of water or food as The One taking them on this journey is The Creator of water and food and freely supplies it. No, most die in the desert because they lack understanding of one or more of three things:

1)    Who they belong to – He Is The “I AM”, The Creator of The Universe and The God of All Power AND “Unfailing Love”!

2)   Who they are – “In Christ” a person Is “redeemed”, bought with His blood that was Freely shed, given up so that they could be Free!

3)   How He operates – “Unfailing Love” like you cannot imagine, Love so deep that He would Freely give His Only Son to allow those who hated Him to find His Peace, Love and Mercy!

The devil is all too happy to get you stuck in one or all of the above and he does it all too well! The devil is all too happy to see you never understand “Unfailing Love” or that you are “redeemed” because in doing that you keep wondering around in the desert and never truly know God’s rest and Peace for you!

What can you do to start and stay on the journey?

1)    Learn the voices – Some children of Israel grumbled at every turn – they were the loudest and they were the mouth piece for satan! Gods voice is constantly encouraging, accepting, Loving and reminding you of who you are in Him because of Christ!

2)   Begin to open yourself up to Now – this moment is exactly the way God wants it to be for you – ask yourself what is the lesson from it and rest in it!

3)   Begin to open yourself up to God Being bigger than your human mind can fathom and rest in that knowledge!

Your Red Sea will part when you can rest in the fact of Who He Is, who you are and how He operates! For more on that follow the link in the words below and answer a few simple questions.

God of 3 questions!