God math – 110 ~ Trusting Christ Alone = Rest = Life = Peace = Hope

What the religious miss in their push and drive for legalistic obedience is that the very thing they are trying to achieve is taking them farther from the very One Who offers Freely what they need! 

Trusting Christ Alone means Not trusting anything else – while it sounds obvious, every time I speak on Grace or share I invariably get the, “it can’t be that easy” rejection idea. To this idea I simply say, “ok so it sounds like you are saying that the cross and Christ redemptive work was Not All Powerful, is this correct?”   

You see at what ever point you are saying you have to “do” more than Christ “did” – you are denying the very Power, Grace and Love of God Almighty which must be accepted and believed in Faith which is Trusting what you can Not see! But In that Trusting and In that Faith there is:
1) Rest – it grows with the ever growing understanding of the Completeness of His Finished work on the cross!

2) Life – as growth in understanding your new Relationship to God occurs so also Life with Amazing Beauty on No more condemnation but instead healthy self Love and acceptance grows.

3) Peace – our Faith is directly proportional to our Peace! The Greater Faith we have in His “doing” – the Greater Peace we have with Him, ourselves and others!

4) Hope – the more our Hope rest in His work the Greater our stability for constant Hope! It Really was Finished on the cross and Hope in that Alone is The Anchor on which All the Goodness of God Almighty can be Realized – Rest in this Hope Alone!

Rest starts



God math – 111 ~ All pain = His plan

Even that which kills me, only makes me closer to His Love!

BIG GOD Is the ultimate BIG WIN If you allow it to be! Here is how:

1) From Frustration – He seeks to teach Trust in Him Alone!

2) From Difficulty – He seeks to teach Faith in His Power Alone!

3) From Depression – He seeks to teach Hope in Him Alone!

4) From Illness – He seeks to teach Rest in His Plan Alone!

5) From Challenge – He seeks to teach Belief in His Goodness Alone!

6) From Despair – He seeks to teach Joy in His Path Alone!

7) From Death – He seeks to Hold you in His Arms Alone for All Eternity!

This can Only happen as we are awake to Him so breathe, rest, be still and Know that He Is God! This is why I highly recommend meditation as a daily practice!


Even that which kills me

Only draws me closer to

His Love