God math – 108 – God control = 0 

The myth of man controlling God has been satans greatest and most successful myth since Eve picked the apple and it’s stronger today than ever before! This is why a BEliever Must dive into the deep end of Gods Love and grow in that understanding to become an adult Christian and BE like Christ!

To Be like Christ is the ultimate surrender of what – IS – to the control of God in absolute Faith that He knows best, even to the point of death! Being like Christ is Not about following the law better than the other guy, it’s about learning to Love and Loving like He Who Is Love, The One Who Is Love beyond human understanding or imagination!

People often ask me what is the difference between the God I speak of and write about and the god most places teach and most people believe in and I typically give these 3 most common and to me obvious differences:

1) I have No control over God and I don’t attempt to have! While this sounds obvious most people believe that IF they follow a set of rules God will bless them – what they miss is Everything and Every moment Is a Blessing If you understand Blessings!
2) I see God as Much Bigger as I see God as Limitless!
A BEliever is resting in

God’s Ability

Not his own!
God math – 109 – Big God = Big Trust = “Easy yoke and light burden”

Some say I talk to much about Big God and His Goodness – to them I say come on in the water is fine!

As Trust grows so grows Peace, Hope, Joy and contentment in the Here and Now but it all starts with one simple message, “Love is the fulfillment of the law” “you are no longer under the law, you are under Grace!” Why start there?

1) If God is only a rule book – Your trust will never grow!
2) If God is only a rule book – His Love is conditional and Not Unconditional!
3) If God is only a rule book – Jesus was a suicide!
4) If God is only a rule book – Christianity is just another religion!
5) If God is only a rule book – “By Grace through Faith” is a myth!
6) If God is only a rule book – The “Good News” of The Gospel is Not all that “Good!”
7) If God is only a rule book – All Hope is lost!

Care to dig into scripture that sets captives Free and gives sight to the blind?

Let The Journey Begin!




light burden!