God math – 106 – Trust = Trouble + Awareness of The God Who Is Love

To Be GraceFull is to grow in Trust by resting through Faith in Some Being you can’t see and Believing that This Being Loves you beyond your ability to imagine!

Yes, well if it made human sense it wouldn’t be from The Being called God now would it?

Do you have someone in your life you can’t tolerate? God put them there, Trust in His ability to know how you need to grow and look for the lesson in the moment!

Do you hate your job? God put you there, Trust His ability to give you what you need to grow in each moment and look for the lesson!

You can Not name or be in a moment that God did not allow to happen to you! As such here is my suggestion:


1) Look to the sky – Know He Is The Great I AM!
2) Look at the challenge – In Every moment God is trying to speak with you!
3) Look for the lesson – The University of Grace is Not about learning law it’s about learning Love and sharing it!
4) Look into your heart and journal about it – A spiritual journal is a wonderful thing As long as you aren’t legalistic about it!

Trust grows in the gap between a rock and a hard place – Living in Awareness of His Eternal and Unconditional Love based on His Grace and Not the law of Moses will allow you to have an Abundant Life like you never imagined!


Trust His 

Love for you!


God math – 107 – God – theology – doctrine – tradition + Love-ology = Grace!

The reason why most turn their back on God is because they haven’t met Him! Yes, I know how odd that sounds but when I opened up to what God wasn’t, I began to see what God IS!

1) God is Not an answer – He Is The Answer because God Is Love! I don’t need to know all the answers – only one – Love! The reason God is an answer for many is that we as humans feel this burning need to be right and prove ourselves – when what we need is to be vulnerable and Love each other!
2) God is Not a set of beliefs to be defended – He Is The Belief because God Is Love! I don’t need to protect God, He is More than able to protect Himself and me – I just need my guiding principle and belief to be Love one another! The Samaritans were polytheist who no good Jew would have considered as “good” and yet Jesus used a Samaritan to teach us His core teaching on what God Is – God Is Love!
3) God is Not a repetitive traditional set of actions to be done in rote memory – He Is The Light which sees the needs and craving of others for Love, Acceptance and Hope And meets that need! You were Fearfully and Wonderfully made And so was the next guy! You are Loved in spite of your past, present or future actions, And so is the guy next to you and the guy whose picture is on the wanted ad! God never ask for robots – but He craves Love Lights!

Suggestion to solve this math problem – Grow In Love and Non-judgement, accept others and let them know God Loves them as they are Not as they should be!

Live to Love 


Live for God!