God math 101 – small god = small life!
In the spiritual world there are graces and then there is GRACE! Only One is the True Living God because He is Limitless, Eternal and Love!
Some of the most common graces are:
1) denominational grace – “we are good and our sins are acceptable but those other guys are in big trouble!” Pharisees are a good example  

2) cultural grace – “we all know that god accepts our culture but that one over there is obviously wrong because god made us richer, nicer and better looking!” “God loves America” more or “God blesses America” more because many go to church and fill offering plates type of thinking – look at how Jesus lived to see Gods true blessings

3) personal grace – “I know that I am good but the person that does that sin or the other sin is bad!” I am right and everyone else is wrong thinking that places god in a very personal and comfortable box
Care to really dig into Grace that is based on scripture? Check out this link:
small god


small life
God math 102 – BIG GOD = BIG LIFE = BIG LOVE!
The reason why many hate God is that many who claim Him are really following small god him and Not BIG GOD HIM!
His Love isn’t just for “good girls and boys” and “His Grace is sufficient” doesn’t apply to the select few who sin the same way! Let’s examine and take to heart a few Faith-Full facts about The God Who was, is and Always will Be:
1) His Love “drives out All fear” – in short anyone teaching fear isn’t teaching “perfect Love” as described in the Bible!

2) He Loved us “while we were still sinners” and His Son died for us “while we were enemies” of Him!

3) He Loved the unacceptable, walked with and kept company with the “untouchables” and called the outcast His friends!

4) His Love made Him perfect and He taught that Love fulfills All the law and the prophets which is to this day a dangerous teaching for the religious!
In short the reason His Love makes no human sense is its His Love and He is God! The most tragic mistake a believer can make is to try to place God in a box of their understanding which is exactly what religion attempts to do and is the exact opposite of Faith and a spiritual walk with God Almighty!


God math 103 – Gods Love = mans healing
The healing that comes only from God is based on three understandings and IF any of these three are not understood the healing is incomplete.
The 3 understandings are:
1) Who Is God – He Is God! Every single millisecond of our life is in His control and for a purpose of healing, learning Love, learning Faith which is Rest in Him and helping others to gain the same.

2) What He Did for us – He Reconciled us to Him! The power of the cross and the miracle of the moment of accepting Him cannot be overstated but it is most often by the religious, not only under appreciated but also underestimated in what that moment means!

3) Who we Are because of what He Did – We are sons of God! We are Forgiven, Cleansed from past, present and future transgressions, no longer under the law and As the eyes of God see us they see the very Righteousness of Christ Himself the very Son of God Almighty AND Nothing can change this Relationship!

Gods Love


mans Healing



God math 104 – Jesus Finished work + 0 = EVERYTHING!
The greater our understanding of what Jesus Did, Finished, Completed on the cross the Greater we develop in 3 crucial areas:
1) True Thank-Full-ness – when we realize we are just as we should be before the Father Not because we did Anything but believe in the name of Jesus – True Gratitude grows like a weed!

2) True Love From Above – when we grasp that we are no longer following a legalistic checklist our sole focus can and will become just Loving others – in a world based on performance and hate this is Very attractive!

3) True Peace that passes All understanding – when this understanding of the cross Being the single thing that made us Totally complete and right before The Father for All eternity becomes our Peace – all Hell doesn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of disrupting our Peace!
More of Him means 

Grasping All He Did!


God math – 105 – Bigger God = Bigger Peace!
There are two main reasons to embrace Christ Alone theology:
1) Because Jesus Is the Only Way! This means the law and your works are Not the way – Not even a little bit – Faith Alone in Christ Alone Is The Way Alone! Get over it or stay religious is really your only options here.

2) Because Peace comes in The Relationship and This Relationship is built, based and grown Solely on His Love, Mercy, Power and Grace – All you can “do” is have Faith in that but In that Faith is Life Like you Never dreamed!
Take a minute and meditate on this: Nothing that all Hell or Earth could throw at me could Ever separate me from Love beyond my ability to imagine from The One Who created All things, controls All things and Made me, The Apple of His eye!