If you don’t think God is Strange you will have a Very hard time Ever meeting Him!

God Is Strange! God is weird! God Is The Single Most Abnormally Insanely Peculiar Being that has or ever will exist!

How do I know this is true?

Because somehow He Loves me with a Love that has pursued me relentlessly even as I extended my middle finger at Him!

Because somehow He Loves me with a Love that will Not leave me no matter what I do, call me His Beloved no matter what I say and tenderly hold me to His Loving breast while I squirm in childish frustration and as He gently hugs me He whispers, “I Love you with an Eternal Love that will Never leave you. You are my Precious and Beautiful child and that will Never Change. My Love for you is beyond your ability to understand right now because that creates The Peace that passes All understanding and I so desire that for you that My Only Son died to give that to you. Now please my beautiful and priceless child Rest in Me!”

If His response to my inability to see His Love that is Greater than All my needs doesn’t seem odd to you – you Really need to see a doctor Or you just might be spiritually awake!

 Happy New Year from BeGraceFull.com and may this be your vision in the new year of The God Who Is Love!