God-Fidence (Day 3) – The Invisible

Can the invisible produce Peace?

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.” – Hebrews 11:1-2

There is a strange Peace that comes on a person who knows that everything has already been taken care of – there is a rest in those who can’t impress and just want to Be, Here, Now with God. This Peace or Confidence is not based on who you are or what you have done but instead it’s based on who you believe God to be.

For me once God opened my eyes with 3 words “God Is Love” and the growing Spirit that accompanies these 3 Amazing words – well all I can say is that this mustard seed of a sentence allowed Him to grow His Grace, Faith and Love inside me like a forest of weeds!

Does this make me perfect? LOL – NO! and I am so very glad it doesn’t!

There is something so very much better than being perfect – Its being accepted as perfect by The God who is. Christ in His sacrifice made me perfect in God’s sight – totally accepted, forgiven, cleansed brought back together with Him, God, The Beginning and The End!

Faith is confidence in the invisible. I can see your attendance in church and the rules you follow and all the outside trappings of what many call right living. What I can’t see nor can anyone else is the confidence that you put in those things as opposed to the confidence you place in the gift God has given you- His Son Jesus Christ!

The Peace is in knowing that my confidence is in the Only One Being that has this all figured out – the only One who takes away All my sin past, present and future because He took away the law as my measure of righteousness. I am assured in this and no there isn’t any proof except the Love I have for others because He placed it there.

Again the idea, the belief the concept that I rest in is what creates this confidence – Not my works, effort, or anything else I can point to because leaning on that is false security.

One meditation that is always good is this one:

Breathe in and say:

God Is

Breathe out and say:


Practice like this on a regular and ongoing basis will help you establish the source of All lasting God-Fidence!


The start of confidence for me has been the mustard seed of seeing "God Is Love!"

The start of confidence for me has been the mustard seed of seeing “God Is Love!”