Giving Acceptance?

In our humanness one of the easiest things to forget is the humanness of others and the Divine nature of The Love we are called to give.

If you examine what Christ was criticized while He walked in human form it wasn’t lifestyle … it was a lack of Faith and Love. Christ was openly critical of the religious system that made God a Jewish ATM and His Love conditional on our actions. Christ got irritated when those closest to Him didn’t Rest (have Faith) in the understanding that “God Is Love” and God Is God … which means Unlimited Love and Power … but why did this irritate Him so very much?

In short it irritated Him because He wants what God wants which is Peace with God and Fellowship with Him … this can Only happen when we realize that Christ is the end of the law for All who believe.

Until you believe this life will be a painful and continuous slope into guilt, shame and condemnation.

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