The Romans who crucified Jesus did not have a baptismal for the thief on the cross the last time I checked. He didn’t say some sinners prayer, he just had a simple acknowledgment of Who Jesus was.

The woman who touched the hem of His garment didn’t say a sinners prayer, her Faith alone made her whole! 

We can sweep these and the rest of the encounters people had with Jesus under the rug by saying, “oh well, that was Jesus, He can do special tricks” or we can be honest for a hot second and say that accepting Him is based solely on Faith! We can excuse this and say something silly and dishonest or we can accept the mystery that Christ Alone saves, we really only need to trust Him!

I am not saying by this to “do” anything other than open your mind to the idea that God is bigger than your mind, His ways are Not your ways and the mystery of Who He is and why He Loves us is good to have! 

I am saying that Faith in Him is what pleases Him and in that Faith is healing and in that Faith is the reconciled being who trust Him, not completely at first but over time that Trust grows and as it grows so does a Grateful heart that begins to Praise Him not out of a requirement on the bulletin but out of True Gratitude!

When Jesus said you shall know the Truth and The Truth shall set you Free – He was talking to the single most rule bound, law abiding and anally legalistic people of His day. Much like many American Christians I have met! My point is Jesus Is the Truth, He fulfilled the law and if you simply believe with a mustard seed worth of Faith He lives in you, you are healed, forgiven and no longer under the law as it has been fulfilled by He Who lives in you! The job of the law was Never to make you more righteous Only to expose your need for The One who made it no longer necessary in your life! 

Choose you this day Whom you will serve but remember serving the law builds egos and creates discouragement!

Let The Journey Begin!

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