All the prophets testify about Him that Everyone who believes in Him receives Forgiveness of sins through His name!” – Acts 10:43

Who am I, as a man, to hold onto that which God Almighty has already let go of?


The Forgiveness of self is for me one of satan’s greatest tools. As I chat with others and counsel others I hear it as a common denominator of Joy theft! Here are some basic reasons for this challenge and some possible meditation points for your day:


1) Expectations – Of ourselves or others is a wide open door for all Hell to mess with your head and hurt your soul! There is only One Being we serve and who am I to judge another mans servant? The One I serve is “well pleased” with me – Not because I am anything but because He Who is in me IS EVERYTHING! Keep this in mind – if you have expectations on yourself or others – “you are no longer under the law, you are under Grace!” Grace is a growing process – the less room you give others to grow, the less you give yourself!


2) Small god or Big God – the only god who forgives little Is little! But this is where the demon of sin ranking will try to steal your fellowship with others and therefore your Peace – this is typically due to a law root still hanging out as well but it could also be a result of still having God in a box! What is it that you think God cant, wont or didn’t forgive? Do you hang onto your past or the past of someone else? God is constantly trying to show us His size – Not for His ego but for our rest! Let God Be God by walking through your day today and thanking Him for every single thing – try it for a minute today, two minutes tomorrow and keep it growing – before long His size will become more evident!


3) Comparisons – “I should” or “You should” are usually legalistic curse words against the GraceFull being. Not always of course but all too often the devil uses these terms or phrases to try to create a shared sense of shame or guilt to do something because others do it and that’s just how things are! How things are – is always how they are till God decides to move – just ask the Israelite slaves who Were building the pyramids, Saul after his name change to Paul or the early Christians he used to hunt down! This moment you are breathing in right Here and Now as who and what you are is Exactly the one prepared for you by The One Who knew you before you were knit together in your mothers womb!


Here is a short meditation for you – practice it as often as God leads you to:


Breathe in and say:

“Abba I give You”


Breathe out and say:

“All of me”


After several minutes of this – Believe its true and Forgive like there was no yesterday, Love like there is no tomorrow – for that Is the path of Grace!

Forgiveness - 1