The greatest trap of satan is to convince Christians that while they sing “nothing but the blood” they must live a blood+++ existence!


This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.”– Matthew 26:28


When Jesus said these words His heart was struggling and His greatest challenge while on earth was only a few hours away. The message of this passage, this moment and the heart wrenching challenge that lay ahead of Him could not be clearer. Even as He spoke these words drops of blood would soon be pouring out as sweat and the very people who betrayed Him, hated Him and killed Him would find forgiveness in His eyes – and yet for most Christians this isn’t enough!


How could I make that last statement and what is wrong with me for saying that?


Simply put the vast majority of Christendom say they believe the above but live in the confines, guilt, shame and condemnation of the mathematical God as Phillip Yancey calls Him.


The mathematical God is the one that has scales and is ready to weigh out what you have done and haven’t done at any moment to let you know if you should feel good or bad! The mathematical God is the exact opposite of the reality of the precious blood of Christ Alone paying in full for All my sins! The mathematical God is therefore the opposite of the Grace for which I am saved by and the Faith in which I grow!


Faith cannot and will not grow when the checklist will suffice!


Most people have faith in their church, their good deeds and the actions and activities they are involved in but Not 100% Jesus Christ, blood Alone for the forgiveness of All sins, “It is Finished” type Grace!


By Grace through Faith ends ego – as works don’t matter! By Grace through Faith ends shame and condemnation – as you grow to understand the completeness of Christ! By Grace through Faith ends self-righteousness – as you grow to understand All righteousness comes through His blood! By Grace through Faith ends judgment of others – as you grow to grasp that there is Nothing righteous about you – Christ Alone! By Grace through Faith Grows Love – as you grow to understand His Love and grow in Gratitude His Love shines through you!


The journey that took me to this understanding and this place of Peace and Hope started with a few simple questions – care to answer them?


Take a look at the link above – first answer the questions without scripture and then afterward the study will point you to scripture and taking an in-depth look at several of the same questions and scripture.


Enjoy the journey!

Forgiveness from Blood Alone!