What is the mission of the fearLess Warrior and why is it so important to understand?


If we are to grow to be fearLess we must grow to know what makes us fearLess … our fearLess Anchor.



“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” … Philippians 1:21


What does this mean?

Look at the anchor:


  1. He didnt judge or condemn … He just Forgave and Loved.
  2. He didnt exclude or refuse peoples company … He just accepted and Loved.
  3. He didnt hate Himself or anyone else … He just Loved All and judged No one.


This sort of LOVE starts at home … inside us … we cant be this for someone else if we cant first be this within ourselves.

Be accepting of your past and be nonjudgeing of your present … dont evaluate and devalue yourself based on laws and ideas others seek to impose on you but rather begin to see yourself as GOD sees you … As a Reconciled, Redeemed, Justfied, Beloved child of GOD just as you are and Not as you “should” be!

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