fear vs Love – 4

Spiritual health I believe is a journey and at times it seems like the road goes in circles. But the circle is straightened out once we learn or remember the lesson.

So what is “the lesson” we need to learn or remember? From my journey and from what I have seen and experienced, spiritual health has 3 main components all building on #3.

  1. Faith – Faith is Resting. And in this resting is a what and a how much, which will grow IF allowed to. The “what” creates the fruit that our life will become. For example if my Faith is in something or someone Other than Perfect Love that drives out All fear, the results will be an unhealthy spirit. If my “what” of Faith is in An All Powerful Being that Loves me with Love beyond human comprehension then Hope is created. As my “how much” grows in the strength of my belief in this Love then my Hope grows as well.

  2. Hope – Hope is an expectation that creates life. Hope is essential for life to exist and like Faith, Hope needs to be built in something that drives out all fear. It’s been my experience that where Hope is faint or lacking the foundation of the hope is on something or someone other than Perfect Love.

  3. Love – Love, Perfect Love that drives out all fear is the foundation of Faith and Hope, it is the very “Solid Rock” upon which all really good life is built. The opposite of Perfect Love is fear. This is why as the Hope of Perfect Love is Rested (Faith) in the fear that got us TO Perfect Love leaves and our Spiritual Life grows as our religious existence diminishes.

So putting this all together looks like this for me:

The Divine allows things to happen and in fact creates things (religious law for example) to cause difficulties and even impossibilities. The events and impossibilities are allowed so we will grow Rest (Faith) in the Hope that we are Loved beyond human comprehension by The Divine because Faith (Rest) in this Perfect Love creates a life of Peace, Hope, Joy, Acceptance, Patience and basically all the Goodness that makes Life Beautiful.

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