fear vs. Love – 3

We are not only creatures of habit, we are also creatures of ideas and beliefs held deep inside. This is why the journey of Grace is so very important to make with soul based integrity.

Our ideas and beliefs haunt us, hound us and can absolutely ruin our lives or they can elevate us, encourage us and empower us. Here are some ways and examples of how that happens:

  1. Learned behavior from our primary care takers creates value sets that create harmful actions. A child who sees domestic abuse in their early years is far more likely to become an abuser. This is an extreme example but it happens everyday.

  2. Learned hurt or pain and it’s origins according to our environment when we were young. If a child is taught that getting close to others causes pain do you think they will want to get close to others? If a child is taught that his dad lost his job because of a person of another color, do you think they might grow up to be racist?

  3. An early learned escape from pain can be a very necessary thing but it can lead to an escape pattern instead of facing the souls mirroring with integrity. For me I learned in some early pain that porn and fantasy would get my mind off my dads cancer and eventual death. But what I didn’t know at the time was how that would rob me of intimacy for a big part of my life.

So how can our ideas and beliefs elevate us, encourage us and empower us? We will go into that in greater detail in “fear vs. Love – 4” but the links below provide some thoughts on this so please check them out.

Limiting Goodness


Love humans thought


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