Faith unchallenged is not faith at all!

It isn’t the ones that are challenged by the crashing waves of the sea that are faithless – it’s the ones for whom God is in a box, faith is defined as what building they worship in and good things are a blessing while bad things are a punishment from God – these are the faithless multitudes of spiritual ignorance and religious bliss!

Faith grows in the

Knowing Who He Is

while facing the

Gates of Hell with a 

half empty eyedropper! 

Faith in what you can’t see – His Love – Freely Heals

Faith in what is beyond human possibility – His Love – Freely Gives Peace

Faith in what is undeserved – His Love – Freely Develops Thank-Full-Ness

Faith in what was started in Bethlehem by – His Love – Freely Shines Joy

Faith in what was Finished on the cross by – His Love – Freely Grows Life

Faith comes from hearing the message of Christ which is by – His Love – “For Freedom sake that Christ has set us Free!”
The reason the yoke of Christ was so light

Is that “Christ Is the end of the law for ALL

who believe!”