Life can be full of a thousand beautiful moments Or life can exist in a million painful ones. There is a way to focus on the thousand even while knowing that a few of the million are going to slip by but it requires taking a journey, that we can see, If we look at the words and ministry of Jesus Christ.



If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” – Mark 3:24-25



The background for this statement was right after Jesus “sinned” or broke the law by healing a man of a lifelong ailment on a Sabbath and He was just getting started in His work here. However due to His message and even the few things He had done His reputation had caused his mother and siblings to come and order Him to come home claiming that He was crazy. In addition to that the religious leaders of the day we’re going around telling people that He was possessed by “the devil.”



In the the midst of all this turmoil huge crowds were following Christ, He was healing the sick and setting the prisoners Free All by showing them an Incredible new idea that GOD  IS  LOVE  and  GOD  RADICALLY  LOVES  EACH  OF  US!



Jesus then and now invited each individual soul to this journey of “a kingdom” reunited “a house” reconnected and reconstructed with THE LOVE THAT created it! Jesus is that breath of fresh air far from the maddening crowd of screams that crave the souls destruction into those million pain Filled moments. 



How does Jesus do this?

By inviting each of us to follow a simplified God that does 3 things the second you believe:


1)Forgives ALL sins past, present and future!


2)Relieves us from ALL the requirements of the law and places us under Grace through Faith!


3)Eliminates worry over the future as we grow in the knowledge of His Love for us and His Power over ALL things!



If you want to do an indepth study on how to start growing to this point of “The Life” – and remember – last lesson = last breath so no everyone is growing  but if you want to check it out see the link below:



Let The Journey Begin!



Extreme LOVE - The Life