If I have to be concerned about someone judging me I don’t get close to that person, I wear a mask around them and I realize that this person does Not really get Grace.


Please remember that None of us fully “get it” when it comes to Grace but one milestone in the Grace journey that is often reoccurring for me is Non-judging of others and moments. I believe that the biggest reason for this at least for me is my inner Pharisee that I carry from a religious upbringing.


GOD IS RADICALLY PERFECT LOVE beyond what Any of us and All of us combined could possibly fathom!


When we Rest (have Faith in) the above statement Perfect Love turns our worst weaknesses into our greatest strengths because it accepts us, Loves us and heals us of the shame, condemnation and guilt that so easily entangles us.


This is what the ancients were commended for.” … Hebrews 11:2


God Almighty who IS Perfect Love wants to be The One you can trust with all your weaknesses because in accepting them and Loving you with Love just as you are there is Healing and Life beyond your greatest dreams.


Repent from the idea that you need to be perfect and accept that His Love already “Finished” making you that way!


Want to see how this is true? Click the link below:

Let The Journey Begin!



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