Most miss their present state of being because they missed The Gift that got them there.

With that being said I want to examine the Divine Dictionary for another word – “Redeemed” as in the past tense for Redeem – as in the work of “The Redeemer.”

Redeemed is another word we need to understand to grasp the freedom, Peace and most importantly The Love beyond human comprehension that is the very foundation of Grace.

Redeemed means “to regain possession of” but it also means “to fulfill or carry out” and both of these definitions have been crucial to my journey of Grace – here is why:

  1. The Divine “Finished” “regaining possession” of us on the cross. As a species we had tried and we continue to retry (LOL) many false paths to false freedom, peace and love – and well look around you at where we are at. But we pursue these without understanding the “Finished” nature of our current state of Being. To dive into that check out this link: https://www.begracefull.com/let-the-journey-begin/

  2. To “fulfill or carry out” was completed by showing the nature at the very core of The Divine. The cross was the Divine set up from the very foundation of the world so that we could have a Great life Here and Now. From before the start of the evolution of this place we call earth, there was Perfect Love. That Perfect Love always was and always will be and always has been about a passionate and relentless desire to embrace you, hold you and show you Love beyond human comprehension, the cross carried that out.

“Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us—for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree” … Galatians 3:13

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