The Divine Dictionary – 1

The Divine Dictionary calls for definitions that are beyond human knowledge – and in this there is a journey of Amazing Grace IF you just believe in Perfect Love.

But what does it mean to “just believe”?

For me it means:

  1. Rest – even on my darkest days I can Rest in The Solid Rock of Love beyond human comprehension that is in me, surrounds me and protects me.

  2. Rest – in believing that there is a Goodness beyond my ability to see or understand even in the times it seems like it’s just the opposite.

  3. Rest – even in the face of what I consider to be evil, that there is a Divine plan and purpose for it to exist and to show love and understanding toward all involved.

  4. Rest – in the belief that the past is completely forgiven and forgotten, the future is already secured by Perfect Love and this Present Moment is Exactly the one that Perfect Love wants me to have.

  5. Rest – in knowing that fear grows Faith (or greater Rest) and All is Grace and His Grace Is Sufficient.

My hope is to grow the Divine Dictionary to a point where we can develop greater Rest as Rest is what Faith is and Faith in Perfect Love creates not only a perfected soul but also a perfect life.

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