Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.” The royal official said, “Sir, come down before my child dies.” – John 4:48-49

If I can see it – it isn’t about Faith!

It’s a simple rule of thumb but one so often ignored – especially by the religious.

Christ never called us to prove His existence – only to Love one another! Christ never called us to have all the answers – only to Love one another! Christ never said that we were the morality police for the world – only to Love one another!

How do we get to this state of Faith and spiritual understanding that is mentioned above? Accept what was done on the cross and what that created for you and Who it is that you have received!

Faith is the key to any productive spiritual growth that you will have – why? Because Faith is the acceptance of what you can’t see, control or have any influence on – Faith therefore becomes a peaceful acceptance of what is – in this moment – what surrounds you and happens – as All is allowed to come into your life and existence as God Who Loves you radically with a Love beyond human comprehension; allows in your life!

Faith can’t be rushed, it isn’t on our clock but it’s on His perfect timing as to when these events will come your way – but the more we accept what is, the more Faith will grow and therefore produce a rest and peace even in the midst of death and human end of capability! In fact the end of human capability is exactly where most of us have to get to in order to find Faith!

Does this mean you don’t pray and ask God for help? NO! It means you pray and ask and proceed as if the help has already arrived, because it has!

Don’t think you have to rush God or have a miraculous sign or have things your way or at a certain time – instead, pray and proceed and accept the outcome as the one He wants for you here and now – and that produces Thankfulness through Grace!


What is Faith?