If any question is more used than “why doesn’t God heal me?” to justify anger toward God – I don’t know what the question would be. Let me state for the record I don’t believe God has a problem with honest questions or honest anger at Him. Maybe however Faith opens a new way of seeing healing.

Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God.” Luke 18:42-43

“Jesus healed people every day, why doesn’t God do it today?” to which I replied, “He does but His most common healing done every day doesn’t look like the healing you seek.”

By Faith when you accept Christ, when you believe in His name as The One Who paid in full for your complete forgiveness – there is a spiritual healing that makes any physical healing look elementary at best! Your sins are Forgiven – past, present and future, you are taken out from under the law and you are set Free from all condemnation and shame! The trouble is most never realize this and they go back to a half-Grace existence at best!

The problem with half-Grace is you never live in the present moment fully appreciating His great Love, Forgiveness and Grace that healed you! Instead you guilt yourself from the past with constant tapes playing in your head, you worry about the future or you stay stuck in your present effort to accomplish what Only Christ could have done and did for you on the cross! This causes guilt, frustration and is the number one reason why many leave the church and God altogether!

Did Jesus do enough? Did He finish the job? Faith, True Faith says YES HE DID!

So what does this look like? You are perfect just as you are and you are growing and learning to accept His Love, Forgiveness and Grace – as such do you still make mistakes? Yes against your brothers and sisters as you are learning to Love and against yourself as you are learning how much He did for you and how to rest in that finished work that Christ Alone completed!

Faith accepts that you are forgiven! Faith accepts that you are in the exact place where you need to be at this moment! Faith accepts that Christ did enough and because of this Amazing Gift – Faith opens the door of True Worship and Thankfulness from a heart that overflows!

Faith releases the past, accepts what is Here and Rest in whatever is around the corner because God Is God and Faith knows it!