It started as a simple question, “Can you tell me about your Faith?” To which I got answers from, “My faith is Roman Catholic” to “I am one of the faithful because I am in church every Sunday and I don’t drink!”


Then he said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you well.” – Luke 17:19


Faith, true Faith is The Key to the first miracle that Christ Wants to do and that God seeks to have happen in your life! Without Faith it is impossible to please God, true Trust in God is a pipe dream and all you really have is a religion that makes you feel comfortable in your own effort while leaving you blissfully ignorant of Life itself!


The Bible tells us salvation (Gods first miracle in a person) comes, “By Grace through Faith” – so how do we understand that Faith?


Faith is a radical belief in what you cannot see, understand or truly comprehend. Faith is Trust in The Invisible about what looks impossible so that Rest is inevitable! That Rest doesn’t come automatically and in fact on some days it doesn’t come at all – but it Is a slow growth and is evident in the worst moments of Life eventually.


So what is that first impossible leap of Faith – you are “justified by Faith apart from the works of the law” – this is what most Christians don’t ever fully get!


Justified by Faith means the simple act of believing in Jesus Christ allows the one who believes to stand before God Almighty with full confidence that they have been, are currently and will always be white as snow, pure, Holy and healed of all the human-ness that destroys them!


I plan to write more on Justification in later studies but the point here is Everything revolves around Faith and that is why without Faith you cannot please God! Faith, or Trust in the idea and the understanding that Jesus Alone makes you Holy, Complete and Healed! Faith or Trust in the idea or belief that All your sins were, are and always will be forgiven and forgotten solely based on what Christ did! Faith or Trust in the idea or belief that He is in total control of every moment past, present and future! Faith or Trust that He, God Almighty Loves you warts and all, just as you are not as you should be with a Love you can never hope to understand, comprehend or grasp with a finite human mind!