Could God give you more Faith? Could He zap you and suddenly create the ultimate Faith walker? Yes, He could I suppose but that would be a robot, a Faith zombie and Not some one that is growing in the knowledge and awareness of His Great Love for them!

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.” – Luke 17:5-6

Ever since the dawn of time in the garden with Eve the devil has been trying to give us short cuts to Happiness, Peace and Knowledge – here is the interesting point – the devil has never delivered on that trip!

Faith doesn’t happen overnight, it happens as over challenges as we accept that the Love of God is Always a better option to Trust in than our own understanding!

Faith grows as we accept what is Here and Now as His complete understanding of what we need as opposed to our limited idea of what we want! Can we sometimes forget that for a moment? YES! And that’s ok! Just let Jesus grab your hand as you are sinking after walking on the water, dry you off and get up for more Here and Now! Jesus did the same thing in the Garden before being arrested but when He got up from His prayer realizing God’s great Love for Him, He was able to Rest in God’s Love, call Judas a friend and walk into a horrific death – ALL by Faith in a Love that we can’t begin to understand!

God wants your Faith to grow and your ability to Love others to grow and your Peace to grow – look at where you are, what is going on around you and the people in your life – ALL are Gods tools, Gods paintbrushes, and Gods handiwork to help you grow!

Paul knew this as did Jesus and a few others, but once you get this – you can walk up a hill and be crucified, almost die in a shipwreck, have your family desert you, be beaten, spat upon and be the outcast of the whole world – And still look up and say, Thank you God! “I have learned in whatever state I am therein to be content!”

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t times to get up and leave where you are – it just means that if you do – Trust that He is moving you and Trust that Its All Good! God wants you to Rest in Who you are, Where you are, What you are and Be Alive to His Love Here and Now!

Take some time to sit quietly and breathe today!

Breathe in and say:

“Thank You God”

Breathe out and say:

“For this moment”

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