At one point in my life ALL I wanted to do was end it! “Is this that life abundant that God promised for a person in Christ?” – I thought.


Perhaps it isn’t that Life Abundant doesn’t exist But instead its that you don’t understand the means to see it, enjoy it and Live it! Most Christians are Not living His Abundant Life because they are still hanging onto the tool that got them to Him but is now finished in its purpose!

Depression – God’s Healing – The checklist!

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” – Romans 14:19

At times I find it helpful to be still and ask myself some honest questions. For these times I like to make a checklist that might help me understand what I am thinking and feeling and how that needs to be drawn out to mirror His unfathomable Love for me. With this in mind here is my depression checklist:

1)    Did I take what I am thinking or feeling to Abba? Then rest He is trying to teach me or another person something through this situation. God is always at work creating Love – even if that means pain now – He is working to make us better Lovers. God has you Here and Now for a reason – Rest in that!

2)   Am I spiritually bound to a law that because of my past present or future is producing condemnation? Christ did not come into the world to condemn the world so if you are listening to any source that is producing condemnation in you – guess where it is coming from? Great news this can be overcome with a Bible study at:

3)   Am I allowing only good things to come in my mind by what I read, watch and listen to? The mental input will seriously affect the spiritual output! Why? Because Love just like frustration, anger or fear can and will be cultivated by you.

4)   Am I doing what I can physically? Exercise and eating right are an essential part of Being Here Now in Christ! Is my mood due to what I am allowing myself to eat?

5)   Am I aware of Who has me Here and His Love for me? Go back to these simple questions:

6)   Am I connected with people of God who Love me as I am not as I should be? You need fellowship with non-shaming, non-condemning, Loving Beings!

7)   What is my spiritual practice? For me I meditate each day, write a Bible study when God creates awareness in me and focus on Love for all beings around me.

My checklist and your checklist don’t need to be exactly the same and Yes there is a time and a place to seek professional help and take medicine. But I do hope that this checklist will help you get an idea of what goes into a spiritual path and lead to Peace for you and all those you come in contact. Peace like fear is contagious and it’s passed through the Love of God!

Final installment - Hope you got some seeds of truth!

Final installment – Hope you got some seeds of truth!