IT’S ALL DONE! IT’S FINISHED! This is the message of the cross of eternal Peace, Mercy, Joy, Forgiveness and Grace! DO NOT tell me “and”, “but” or “so” – if you do you are no longer talking about Jesus Christ The One Perfect Sacrifice! NOT perfect by law but Perfect by Love as will everyone be who follows Him – this is the key to –


Knowing your spiritual self!


This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” – Romans 3:22-24


A human being is made up of several elements. For the next several Bible studies I will talk about each element and how they relate to depression – God’s wondrous gift!


The spiritual is the most critical element to God’s healing! Why? Because without healing the spiritual you are stuck on anti-depressants and one quick fix after another your whole life. This has been my observation from years and countless friends and family with depression.


So how does the spiritual heal? Simply put they are healed by an understanding of who they are “in Christ!” Once a person believes in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ – they are “in Christ” but the understanding of that is often muddled by ministers, well-meaning religious people and others that follow the god of more.


More righteousness, more closeness, more Jesus and more religion which in a nutshell equals Hell! Why? Because His Grace is sufficient for me! God wants you and He is a jealous God!


So who are you in Christ? This is where the joy comes in: Reconciled, Justified, Sanctified and Righteous – these are all words used to describe who someone IS IN CHRIST! Take a few moments – in fact take a lifetime to meditate and concentrate and understand these words! Why are they past tense? Can anything God has done be undone by man?


HE – CHRIST ALONE made you Righteous so that you can walk up to the very thrown of God with confidence! It’s not about law, works, good deeds or going and trying to conform to the idea that some building full of people have! It’s about accepting His Gift and living in the knowledge of its completeness!


Years ago the spiritual was my first step toward healing and growth out of the jungle of depression! The first step was really very simple and I invite you to take it now. Go to this link and answer 7 simple questions that are in all caps:


Take your time and think about each question and read the scripture there to make a decision about what you will write down. This study is also available in Korean, Russian and Swahili. Again take your time and pray about/meditate on what you feel to be the answer that brings you Freedom!


FREEDOM = Spirit of the Lord!

FREEDOM = Spirit of the Lord!