Does the god you follow cause you to dance?


The longer I dance into Grace, the bigger the dance floor becomes! The longer I gaze at the insane passion of His cross, the greater the completeness of the embrace that envelopes me!


When I woke up to the idea that God was bigger than my feeble human mind could grasp, Life Abundant began. Many never fully accept this idea and as a result life becomes an existence of comfortable misery where an offering plate soothes the soul and ever increasing emotionalism is thought to be a relationship with God.


Many and in fact most have thoughts and opinions of God that differ from mine and that is natural, but remember this – everyone’s opinion of God is just that, an opinion; But if I am going to spend eternity with God and if He sent His only Son to die for me, then His Goodness and Love for me must be Beyond my limited human Imagination. This is the Only way that I have found Peace, Ease and Hope in this life and why I encourage you to join the dance by clicking the link below.


Then young women will dance and be glad,young men and old as well.I will turn their mourning into gladness;I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.” – Jeremiah 31:13


Care to join this crazy dance or at least examine it?


Let The Journey Begin!


The Dance