I believe there are 2 g/Gods and the value as well as the quality of your life will be determined by which you repeatedly choose. For the one god, the god of MORE, you will never have enough, do enough, be enough or in short satisfy. The Other God, The God Who Is Love, already “Finished” completing you, made you Exactly as you are, Loves you Exactly as you are and provides Life Abundant to All who will have a little Faith in Who He Is, how much He Loves you and Rest in that Love!


To those who sold doves he said, “Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!” – John 2:16


It is better to lose Everything and see its value as Nothing than to gain Everything and miss The Only Thing of value, CRAZY LOVE!


God will provide us with every opportunity, moment, event and at every twist and turn of life He will be there to show us His CRAZY LOVE for us even when it doesn’t look like love to us at all. In this event above Jesus was making a Huge social statement and showing us CRAZY LOVE….2:


The God Who Is Love is Not interested in us having MORE, doing MORE or trying to be MORE – He Only wants us to know that in the still, quiet, resting in Him is complete Peace, Hope, Rest, Acceptance and Love beyond human imagination.


Why does He want us to know that this?


Because He created us to Love us and to be Loved and in seeing this to see the completeness of the complexity of life. The reason Christ Alone gives Life Abundant is that He has already Finished and Freely given us All we need – we don’t need MORE we just need to accept that His CRAZY LOVE for us is “sufficient” for All we need. In seeing this every moment becomes a lesson, every being becomes a messenger and every breeze becomes the Embrace of The God Who Is Love beyond human comprehension!