When you see the work of God in life not as a push for more legalistic obedience but instead as a Growth opportunity in every moment we are Spiritually awake to grow as a Lover – Life becomes this Amazing condemnation free adventure – an easy burden and a light yoke!

Complete incompleteness!

How do you smile at failure?

Peter replied, “Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will.” “Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “this very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” – Matthew 26:33-34

The success of utter failure is only made complete when it creates a greater Lover than the one that was there before! This is the big secret of how God works now from what I have seen in my own life.

Does it make the failure a sin?

No absolutely Not! Because in Christ I am no longer “under the law” but instead “under Grace”!

Does it make it painful? – LOL! Only if I see my personal failure in human terms and not its spiritual significance.

“All things are lawful….” But not all things are profitable – and in that non-profitable part the lessons abound!

Paul was content in whatever state he found himself because he got it- he understood that each moment belonged to Christ and as such he was able to relax in what was happening to him.

Those “states” are the moments of “Aha” where we grow into a Being that Loves more completely and is therefore more useful in His kingdom here.

The seeds of Grace are simply this: “He is…. therefore you are…” Example: “He is Love therefore you are growing in Love” or “He is Peace therefore you are Peaceful.” If a cock has to crow or if I have to be stoned and beaten – Bring it on! But by God grow me!

Just think of the anti-stress that this facet of Grace provides for us!! This is the Love of God and He Loves You so much that He set things up this way for each and every one of us to bring His Love and His kingdom into this time and place!- Is He Amazing or What?

Find a time and a place where you probably won’t be disturbed but if you are- yes that moment also belongs to God. As you practice this meditation understand this- at the moment that you accept and believe in Jesus you are as perfect as you will ever be to God but you will continue to grow until your last breath on earth. With this in mind while sitting with your feet flat on the floor shrug deeply and just let your shoulders fall. Take a couple of deep breathes to relax and with every exhale just unlock any stress that might be brought to mind. Once you feel a bit more relaxed just quietly close your eyes breathe normally and:

Breathe in and say:

Father God

Breathe out and say:

Complete me

Practice this and as you do know that He is faithful to perform every good work in you!

Don’t worry – BeGraceFull.com!!

Once you believe you are reconciled and as perfect as you will ever be before God- But the journey of Love and Grace is just starting!