“Indeed there are those who are last who will be first, and first who will be last.” – Luke 13:30

Why did the rich young ruler “go away disappointed” after meeting The King of Kings? He had his comfort and trust in what he had and what he did!

The reason why its easier to enter the kingdom if you are the one of the “last” or “least” of these here is that you have been blessed to “have to” learn to Trust in God or you have grown bitter and angry. The difficulty with the “first” or “greatest” of these is that all too many times they find their comfort in donations to the church, going to church, social position due to church or other trappings of doings as “the way” as opposed to Jesus who is the narrow and hard road!

But wait doesn’t God Love me and so He will bless me right?

Yes, He Loves you beyond compare, He Loves you with a Love beyond your wildest imagination – THATS WHY HE ALLOWS YOU TO STRUGGLE!

A blessing is Needing Him! A blessing is looking up because its the only way you can look and crying out, “ABBA PLEASE HELP ME! A blessing is being in the lap of Almighty God and resting in the midst of All Hell breaking loose about you on every side!

The Blessed Life is knowing His Love, Resting in His Love, Grasping that it isn’t about obeying the law but rather having blind Faith and Trust in Him Alone!

How do you do that if you are already comfortable?

Trust Him in the small things and Believe me – BIGGER things will come into your path! Take the worst situation in your life today, Thank God for having that opportunity to have that in your life, Give it to Him in prayer And Rest knowing that however it turns out – It Is Gods will!

This type of Trust is neither easy or simple – here is another idea – start by crossing the road! Start by seeing Every second as The Second that God has given you even when waiting for the light to turn green so you can walk across the road. Start by brushing your teeth and knowing that every single second you are brushing the exact spot that God wants you to brush at that moment!

Begin to see God in Every little moment and detail in your life and Thank Him for it – before long Gods Radical Love for you will be evident by the bird you see flying through the air, the baby you hear crying at 2AM and even the guy on the freeway who impatiently blows his horn at you because you slowed down to see the rainbow!