Christmas Y … 4

The Unexpected “horn”


Imagine being oppressed, beaten down and basically ruled by or enslaved by pretty much every group of people on earth and on your darkest days all you had was prophecy.

Now it was told that it is coming true.



Luke 1:69

“He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David”



The horn had two meanings or thoughts behind it that are of particular interest to “The Christmas Ys” …


1) The word is used to symbolize strength ( Deuteronomy 33:17 ) and honor ( Job 16:15 ; Lamentations 2:3 ).



2) Horns were also an integral part of the alter of burnt sacrifices ( Exodus 27:2 ). The horns would have blood smeared on them and once a crimminal took hold of the horns they were given asylum ( 1 Kings 1:22 and 2:28 ).



To the religious the first meaning is of highest importance. This is why the religious in that day didnt believe in Jesus. Its also why the religious today cant grasp Grace.



Jesus was “the Perfect Sacrifice” not because he never broke a law because the law never made Anyone righteous. Jesus was and is “The Perfect Sacrifice” because He showed The Divine in a way never before seen … common, poor, plain and Pure, Unconditional, Perfect Love. Law didnt make Christ Perfect … Faith and Love made Him The One Perfect Sacrifice for All time. Care to see what that looks like in greater detail? Click on the link below:




Let The Journey Begin!