The birth of Jesus was the birth of a New way for leaders to lead and for people to act toward one another.

“He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble”…. Luke 1:52

The Servant Leader … The Loving GOD Who Loves enough to die for Any and All.

We saw this time and again in the life and ministry of Jesus. Perhaps Jesus washing the feet of His disciples was the most vivid portrait of this idea.

So why is this Y So important and why is it All about Grace? Lets look:

1) Jesus was showing us that even at the Highest levels what mattered was “LOVE one another as I have LOVED you.”

2) Jesus was showing leaders then and now that the power they had was directly proportionate to the Love and concern they had for the ones GOD gave them to lead.

3) Jesus was showing all of us how The Ultimate Leader acts and what He cares about … if you are not sure what that is look in the mirror.

The reason that this was All about Grace and Not law is that law is about doing and punishment for doing wrong. The law creates levels of rightness which create gaps between people based on rules and how strictly they are followed. The leader in this situation has to be the one who follows the rules the closest with a subculture being born of those not found to do “Good enough” to be completely accepted.

Grace, AMAZING Grace is about believing and Resting in the understanding that “GOD Is LOVE.” Grace Firmly places All Righteousness as coming from Christ ALONE Which removes all the barriers between us as we are All equally in need of LOVE beyond human comprehension.

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