Peace I leave you” – Jesus Christ talking to me and you!

I choose Peace!

I choose a Peace I have found in The God that I wasn’t raised with but by His Mighty Grace I got to Him as soon as I was supposed to even at the point of looking a fool And I would encourage you to do the same – here is why:

1. My past is Completely Forgiven and Forgotten and parted as far as the East is from the West! What this means is that Any voice that try’s to whisper in your ear voices of condemnation or shame Are from the bad guy called satan – Get back to the knowledge of your Forgiveness as soon as you Wake up spiritually!

2. My present is Completely “By Grace through Faith” and that means I am NOT under the law! What this means is that as I grow in Rest-ability or Faith my focus Isn’t on what I do but instead it’s on His Love – as the understanding of His Love grows my ability to “Love others as” He has Loved me grows!

3. My future is a never ending journey of growing into Perfect Love which as I do, Peace, Hope and Joy increase! As my ability to Rest in Him by Faith grows Life Abundant becomes more apparent and people ask me ” what’s the secret?” I smile and say, “His Grace is sufficient for ALL my needs!”

Go to the link below and answer 6 questions on top then answer 7 questions based on the scripture provided:

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