How much for God’s smile?

To those who sold doves he said, “Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a market! – John 2:16

When a Devine Being gets upset – it might be a good time to listen!

In short here is the message – you can’t buy God’s smile, His Mercy or His Love – they are FREE Gifts due to His Son!

If the relationship I have with you is based on “doing” one for one for each other – in other words I do one good thing for you and then you do one good thing for me – its human and Not spiritual in the least!

If the relationship I have with you is based on what I can get from you and what you can get from me – it’s human and Not spiritual.

Jesus came to radically change and alter forever the type of relationship we could have with God Almighty! This is the reason for the cross! This is why the law ends once we accept Christ and Believe in Him!

With this in mind lets look at some different ways people relate to God:

1)    God as moralistic customs officer – He checks the law baggage and rains down punishment if we have more bad than good. Market place (Bribe) mentality!

2)   God as the cosmic score keeper – He only Loves good girls and boys and He is always watching to make sure I act a certain way and I know what way that is because my church told me. Market place (Bribe) mentality!

3)   God Is Love – He is so beyond my comprehension of His Love and ability to Love me that I don’t have any idea how He could! I don’t deserve this kind of Love, I cant earn it or do anything to deserve it! How on earth could Any Being ever Love me like this – let alone the God of All Creation? I am unworthy, undeserving and completely blown away by this gift! The cross and Eternally Grate-Full mentality!

Choose you this day whom you will serve!!

Only you can answer this question for yourself!

Only you can answer this question for yourself!