“Born again”

This term was first used by Jesus to a Jew of all Jews, a law keeper above all law keepers – a Pharisee!

Why is this important? Because law keepers and GraceFull are as different as night and day!

Incomplete in self – Complete in Christ
Under the law – Under Grace
Works based religion – Grace based Relationship
Enemy of God – Friend of God
Performance based – Faith based
Focused on self – Focus on Love
Power of sin – Power of Christ
Looks based – Cross based
Of the world – Of The Spirit
Self doing – Christ done
Need for MORE – Never thirst again
Rule based peace – Peace that passes All understanding
Emotional based goodness – Christ based wHOLeYness
Hope based on effort – Hope based on Him
Thankful for social group – ThankFull for Freedom
Happiness based on special events – Joy based on Rest Here and Now

“To enter the kingdom you must be born again”