After a particularly long war a young soldier who was battle weary and dirty saw his commanding general walking in the last battle field near him and asked, “what do we do now sir?” The general with experiences from many conflicts and battles and bearing the scares in his wisdom looked at the young soldier and said, “Live, Love and Be at Peace!”


In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33b


Most Christians never overcome the world because they are busy trying to! It was never their responsibility to overcome the world – just Rest in He Who has. The difference between god and BIG GOD is the Rest.


One question I get repeatedly and I always welcome it is when people ask me what makes The God I write about different than the one talked about in religious groups – my answer, “He Is Infinitely Bigger!” “He Is out of the box, He has Overcome Everything that could ever possibly come into my life here to include death – so in short I have no worries and when worry begins to creep or when condemnation or shame begin to shout their nasty, hellish slams, I know where it is originating and disregard!”


The invitation Jesus makes here is for you and I to see the size of Who He Is and What He did and thereby How we can live a pain free existence!


1) Who He Is – He Is God! He controls All things that are in any way shape or form in your life and the people in it – as such everything that enters your life is for the distinct purpose of growing a greater Lover in you as God Is Love!


2) What He Did – He Finished It! He completed the separation that had been made between us and God, He made perfect that which was imperfect and Reconciled, Justified and Sanctified that which didn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of ever being made right with God Almighty! You are as Perfect as you will ever Be the second you Believe in His name and Nothing can change that!


3) How can we Live – Look at #1 and #2 above and Rest in that knowledge! Study #1 and #2 above and not just with your head – get it into your heart! Grasp Who He Is and What He Did and know that in Knowing that you have eaten The Bread of Life!


Jesus Never said, “Believe in me and work hard to do better” but He repeatedly said that Life – Real Life, True Abundant Life was Only found by Resting in Him – the choice is yours, the outcome is assured!