There is or was always a line said in the briefings that bothered me, “worst case scenario.” When you heard that or certain other phrases it would cause a lump in the throat of any honest person in the room. But then we were all legalist in that room and these words will always cause a lump in the throat of the legalist.


I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.” John 16:33a


Jesus had just explained the “worst case scenario” of the disciples leaving Him and being scattered and they would “leave” Jesus alone and for their own safety turn their backs on Him because times were about to get Really bad! So where is the “peace” He talked about?


At the very end of verse 15 – “You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.” – This is the BIG GOD FORMULA!


BIG GOD FORMULA is “I am not alone, God Is with me!” This is another Grace-Full point that can only be recognized and realized “By Grace through Faith” because under law, sin separates you from God and law is the power of sin.


When we understand Who God Is and What God Is All else falls into place. When we see Where God Is and What God does – Life Abundant is in the most pain-filled moments of this meager existence!


In this series of devotionals called “BIG GOD” we will examine these questions in depth and look into implementing meditations to develop the awareness of God that creates BIG GOD!


With this in mind here is our first devotion in this series. Please find a quiet time and place and if it becomes noisy while you are doing this its ok but as best you can you will want it quiet so you can listen to the voices in your head and be still and know that He Is God! In this quiet place find a way to sit with relaxed attentiveness and when you have obtained that position:


Breathe in and say:

Abba is Here


Breathe out and say:

He Is with me


As you do this it might help to close your eyes and get a mental picture of The God Who Is Love being there with you – and begin to rest in your image or change the image to one you can rest in. He came to give you Peace that passes All understanding – so let your image be one that gives you Peace that passes All understanding!


The Formula