What is the Good News of the Gospel?


Why is it less than Good for so many?


Jesus never once said, “do your best and I will bless the rest” but He repeatedly said, “rest in me” and “Peace I leave you” and “do not fear” – All of which are totally impossible IF you have law as your guide in any way! In short the less law you base your relationship on the Greater you will see His Love for you and His Power in what He completed on the cross.


They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost. He said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?” Luke 24:37-38


Its ok! It really is ok! You can have doubts in God but Grow through them – that is what Jesus repeatedly had to tell those closest to Him, His disciples who had been His constant shadow for years and yet they still doubted the Power and Presence of God Almighty and what He Finished on the cross through the blood of Jesus!


The Greater you see the Freedom that was born on the cross with the end of the power of sin and death – The Greater you will Know God, Appreciate God, Love God and Be at Peace just as you are and Not as you should be!


Why are people troubled? Why do they have doubts?


Because at some point they trust the law over God!


The law is NOT bad! The law is Great in fact at its job of pointing me to see God as Bigger than the way I was taught growing up, bigger than the way most churches teach Him and Bigger than ALL my doubts and fears!


Do I still have doubts and fears? Yes! But that is and those are my growth points – I am NOT growing in legalistic obedience I am Growing in Perfect Love which drives out ALL fear, shame, condemnation and doubts and replaces it with Peace, Hope, Love, Joy and Grace for myself and others!


The BIGGER you see GOD the less your fear and doubt. You cannot see BIG GOD under law – care to see what started my Grace-Full road? Take a look at the link below and answer 7 simple questions based on the scripture provided. As you do ask God to open up what He wants you to see:


Let the Journey Begin!


The Journey to The God Who Is Love is The Journey of Growing in Love and Peace for yourself and ALL God’s creation!