There is a wealth in a wrinkled face and a toothless smile that can only be understood by the battle worn soul that has grasped the idea that real strength does not come from the physical. To understand this strength is to understand a beauty in the darkest moments that was not seen before.


I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being,” – Ephesians 3:16


There is a Power that comes through The Spirit of The Living God – IF – you truly accept Who He Is, What He Did and How He Operates!


Who He Is – He Is God! He Is The Great I Am! He is in control of all things, people, events and seconds that happen in your life! There are no coincidences, consequences or nanoseconds that He didn’t know about, plan and orchestrate! To say anything less is to say GOD is just a god and not really that big of a deal and I will just use Him like an ATM when I get in trouble – GOD doesn’t work that way – He wants a Real Relationship!


What He Did – He Set The Universe In Motion! He Created All Things! Once He created All things He looked at them and said, “Its All Good!” Everything is Exactly the way He wants it and as such you can Rest – this is the primary growth of Faith – Accepting All that Is as His! We ere Never called to be moralistic policemen or political poster boys for some party – only to accept All that Is As His!


How He Operates – He Operates In Love! His Love Is Unconditional! His Love is so far above human love we cant conceive His Love! As such His Spirit in us in Constantly allowing events, people and moments to create in us the heart, soul and being of a Greater Lover! Just because His Love doesn’t look like what we call love doesn’t mean He is inept – it means we don’t know everything and that is a Beautiful place to be!


This is where His Spirit creates strength as we accept this idea, as we see Who He Is, What He Did and How He Operates.