There is a point on The Journey of Grace where you suddenly realize that fear is gone. This will never come to the legalist as law produces fear. That is what law does and it does a Great job of it – it literally scares you to death so that in Him you may have Life – IF you wake up to Who He Is, What He Did and How that changes your position with God once and for ALL! The Greater I see His Love for me the less I fear Anything and the Greater my respect and Love for Him grows!


There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18


Have you found “perfect love”?


Many have found or accepted Christ but are still lacking in being “made perfect in love” simply because they are following Christianity religion instead of Christ Relationship! They still have  fear in some way, shape or form and fear is a primary motivator for them – as long as fear is in a Christian, Grace is weak. In fact the amount of fear in a Christian is directly proportional to the amount of Grace or lack thereof in a Christian.


The process on being “made perfect in love” is the process of leaving the law for The Journey of Grace or in short leaving the religion for the Relationship. This is no easy task or at least it certainly wasn’t for me but then I was blessed enough to have the religion destroy my soul so that He could rebuild it. You can check out my testimony on if you want to check it out but in a nutshell, I lived in fear with every breath I took when I was the most active and aligned with “the church” – it wasn’t until I landed in my second and final lock down counseling treatment center that I found the start of The Journey of Grace.


Would you like to be fear-less? Would you like to start or see what started my Journey of Grace?


If so go to the link below and answer 7 questions – 6 up top and then answer 7 below using just scripture. Feel free to read any of the Bible studies or watch the videos as well. Here is the link to the start of my Journey:


Here is a short meditation that I hope you will begin to practice that will help you grasp His Amazing Grace and Unconditional Love or at least begin to as no one has it all figured out. Take some time every day when it is quiet and you can just sit and close your eyes. Time to just be still and know that He Is God and:


Breathe in and say:

There is no fear


Breathe out and say:

In His Perfect Love


Practice this each day until you see Him face to face!